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… i life in, the environment that surrounds me …

Since February 2018 i'm disconnected from my old environment (since Facebook changed their API in 2017). But from now on, October 2019, i found a new one.
The content below -more for historical reasons- are snippets of my old environment... (yes, you get a random selection for free! if you want to buy my old environment, lets get in contact.)

09-02-2016 14:02 Fairtrade Foundation adds a photo. Photos from Fairtrade Foundation's post. Fairtrade chocolate pancake inspiration from our friends at Green & Black's. Wow-ser! The recipe is in the comments below... 3 people like this: CDavid Dean, Sarah Louise Addis, Adel Kessler. 1 person commented on this. Fairtrade Foundation: "INGREDIENTS 4 Tbsp (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, melted 57 g Green & Black's Organic 70% Dark Chocolate 60ml superfine sugar, plus extra for sprinkling 430 g all-purpose flour 60 ml (1/4 cup) of good-quality cocoa powder 4 large free-range eggs, plus 2 egg yolks, beaten 480 ml milk Chocolate Sauce 3 ½ oz (100 g) Green & Black's 85% Dark Chocolate, broken into pieces and 3 Tbsp hot water DIRECTIONS Chocolate pancakes 1. Gently melt together the butter and chocolate over low heat. Set aside. 2. Mix together the sugar, flour and cocoa powder and sift into a large bowl. Make a well in the middle and add the beaten eggs, then the milk, then the melted butter and chocolate. 3. Pass the batter through a fine sieve and leave to rest for a couple of hours. 4. When you are ready to cook, heat up a large non-stick frying pan and rub with a little oil. Add enough crepe mix to the pan, tilting it from side to side, to make a thin cover. 5. Cook for a minute on each side and slide the crepe onto a warm plate lined with parchment paper and sprinkle with superfine sugar. Continue to cook the crepes until all the batter is used and layer each one with a sprinkling of sugar as you go. 6. Serve immediately, perhaps with some chocolate sauce (see recipe) or mousse. Chocolate sauce 1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave or heatproof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water, then remove from the heat. Add the hot water and whisk until fully emulsified. Top pancakes with some Fairtrade banana? Pour over a generous amount of sauce, and enjoy!".
20-02-2015 17:19 Lexikon teilt einen Link. Statistisches Jahrbuch 2014 über Ernährung, Landwirtschaft, Forsten. Bonn - Das Statistische Jahrbuch enthält umfangreiche Daten zu allen Berei-chen der Land-, Forst- und Ernährungswirtschaft in Deutschland und der EU.
02-01-2015 00:47 Peter Baecker adds a photo. . 6 people like this: Judith Schmid, Andy Merrick, Tina Fischer, Marcus Wolff, Averil Yeo, Danielle Jadusingh.
28-11-2015 14:59 RT shares a link. US urges Turkey to close off its Syrian border to ISIS - media. 'The game has changed. Enough is enough! The border needs to be sealed'. Washington is urging Ankara to seal off a 100-kilometer stretch of borderline with Syria currently used by Islamic State for transportation of fighters and supplies into the Syrian war zone. The Turkish Army would need an estimated 30,000 personnel t. 25 people like this: Sam Sadegh, Ahmad Wolf Lumberjack, Saju Dada, Tamm Kiesnakitt, Filipp Chuprin, Karnika Kapoor, Bernard Roňo Kasmai, Lennart Andersson, Nermin Samy, Leonardo Fabian Hermosilla, Maureen Patricia Stevens, Ros Han, Pisak Khamkaeo, Jędrzej Górski, Cavid Yarmemmedov, David Wilby, Sarvajeet Mukherjee, Anwar Othman, Paul Adrian Maningo Ito, Natalia Chikolini, Adidaz Adidaz, Niells Mac Lucky, Ressente Instante, Ali Haider, Robert Emmett Birrell. 25 people commented on this. Vaska Vaso: "ISIS is in America According to ...". Mahsun Kangal: "Turkey best world power!". Sarthak Upmanyu: ":Q: Why did the Muslim go to the airport and blow himself up? A: He wanted to go everywhere.". Van Furlough: "This is political show.". Adnan Khalil: "You really don't like Turkey, do you RT?". Dinesh Ganesan: "Turkey can close its border so that US can gain from the Oil Purchase.". Cetin Gamze: "". Jeremy Zimmerman: "Russia is only bombing the Free Syrian Army, not ISIS. Putin makes it illegal for Russian media to say that. So he keeps the Russian people brainwashed.". Steve Williams: "But. But. But. What about the cheap oil and the sale of weapons that Turkey stands to lose if they do that.". Mike Goldfather: "!!!!!!". Blade Edwards Icewood: "Turkey has it own interests in Syria by buying cheap oil from ISIS. Never trust a turk. They are more evil than the Zionist.". Rahul Thakkar: "So the border was open for ISIS so far ....". Sara Elbagoury: "Qatar and Turkey support terrorism and Isis and the Muslim brotherhoods organization and this organization is the biggest mother of terrorism and terrorists in the world ( Qatar by money and Media specially aljazeera and Turkey by logistics services and buy cheap oil from Isis )". Luke Kobilan: "That's a joke! We don't enforce our own immigration laws or protect our borders and we tell another country to do so!!!!!". Han U-Yong: "Just an excuse for amassing troops at the border". John Argyle Glastonbury IV: "About time. Should never have been open to begin with.". Muamar Haile Shakur: "betrayal....". Robbie Putrus: "Signs of desperation, this is Turkey's difficult choice - close the borders and still be a member of NATO, but lose profits, or keep the borders open, risk it for a neo ottoman empire, and see if you take it all or lose it all.". Alessio Sa: "now the cards are uncovered". Ibrahim Ne: "Russia should start thinking of helping Armenia get back its Western part, Syria get back Sanjak of Alexandretta, Kurds their freedom in Turkey". Khalid H Malik: "Sure, now off course, S400". Justin Gregory: "Michael Jarvis they waited too damn long!!". Utara Ibrahim: "Long borders are porous . Its just like telling US to close its borders to illegal immigrants from Mexico . . .!". Churchill Dass Prince: "Since 2011 as per the order from USA, Why did Turkey opened its Border with Syria; in-order to close it off now in 2015?". Bryn Roberts: "What about the oil and arms for isis ? What will Turkey do for money ? Who the fu@k let them join NATO ?".
05-07-2015 19:30 Survival International (in deutsch) sagt etwas. Seid ihr an einem Praktikum in den Bereichen Presse oder Publikationen in unserem Berliner Büro interessiert? Wir suchen für diesen Sommer noch engagierte Praktikantinnen und Praktikanten. Schaut einfach auf unsere Webseite für weitere Informationen: Wir freuen uns auf eure Bewerbungen!. 2 Menschen gefällt das: Capt'n JuLii, Maia Speerli.
02-04-2016 00:24 Chris Derringer posts a video. Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy. Music video by Bobby McFerrin performing Don't Worry Be Happy..
02-12-2015 09:22 Michiru Ripplinger says something. Michiru Ripplinger → Daniel Pabst. alles Gute!.
21-02-2017 12:21 Die Tagespresse teilt einen Link. Wegen seiner Goldreserven: Finanzminister will Hirscher in Nationalbank verwahren. Vernünftig!. Vernünftig!. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Wolfgang Almer, Jakob Grassl, Daniela Pawelak, Nicole Schneider, David N. Habaschy, Fabian Mader, Bernhard Klade, Mensur Muhic, Marvin Bauer, Johanna Freilinger, Sarah Hipfinger, Beate Tobler, David Sitek, Wilfried Bauer, Valerie Scherndanner, Melanie Schellauf, Sophie Bezlotek, Andreas Cernoch, Birgit Pfeiler, Sebastian Moser, Andrea Dietrich, Gabriel Racher, Raphael Dietl, Dominik Gruber, Iris Olbrich. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Max Moser: "Julian Mayrhuber
30-07-2015 06:43 RT shares a link. FBI arrests New York man for providing material support to ISIS. The FBI arrested and charged a New York man with allegedly attempting to provide material support and resources to Islamic State. If convicted, the charges carry a maximum of 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. 25 people like this: Sonia Saidi, Ateeq Syed, Ari StotIe, Marco Pilip, Karljayveejim Presbetero, Amar Kumar, Fathi Sasi, Henry Perez Vacal, Cédric Lordmi, Sepri, Josh Verlon, Daryl Vincent, Aldrich Rosano, GR Almani, Steven Abelle Rocaberte Coronel, Pitaya Chartwutkhun, Nikhil Tyagi, Nazir Silva, Ehsan Javid, Jigg Noyna Guzman, Omer Mekoññeñ, Dexter Darius, Maulana Rahmat, Lucy Moon, Estigarribia Z Emi. 25 people commented on this. Michael Aufa'i: "I'm baffled. Why don't the FBI arrest the CIA, the Pentagon who also supplies these terrorist....just wondering.". Abhijit Mandal: "in that cAse they should arrest obama and his financiers". Cyril Jöseph: "Easy way to stop terrorism, Wipe Islam in USA!!!". Craig Bratcher: "When the RT cleaning fluid drunkards write "New York Man" read: Filthy cave man migrant who only wishes to please allah by helping his buddies offer him the massive carnage and bloodshed that he craves. Subhuman'allah Putinslam means peace!". Siraj Shah: "America has been funding fsa aka isis for over 1 year now... when the fuk are they getting charged? ... isis scumbag american hired guns... destabilize middle east further and use islam and muslims as excuse to get away for their crimes". Maxine Hopper: "It's okay to arrest someone for providing help to a supposed enemy but not the tiny minority of ppl with high-end vested interests are making the millions within society believe and act against others that they assume are hell bent on stopping them trying to take over the world, oops sorry, the middle east, for geo-politics, oops sorry, terrorists. Hypocrites!". Jonathan Hodder: "But they don't arrest the US government for supplying them with arms?". Tariq Hussain: "FBI should also arrest President Barack Obama and his wife, George Bush Jr, and his brother Jab Bush, Hilary Clinton, Condoliza Rice and Colon Powell, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Tony Blair, etc, for making, training, and for giving military weapons and high-tech equipments to ISIS, to Al-Qaida, to Pakistani-Taliban, and to Baloch Liberation Army in Pakistan. FBI is a terrorist agency all by itself and it sets up innocent Muslim boys and girls on terrorist activities plus it plant fake evidence, fake complaints, and fake witnesses against innocent Muslim-Americans plus it plants the DNA and other fake evidence against Muslim defendants in the court of law.". Huhammad Aqeel: "fbi should to arest all zionist lobby in America who support israel & isil all zionist are not American they are terrorists and controled America wakeup American u r great". Jacobo Gutiérrez: "Where is the ISIS office?". Michael Stathe: "These Jihadist fanatics just about took over Europe. Was on the news that Sweden is having weekly grenade attacks by these inbred stone age scum "migrants" and in France and Britain there are Jihadists that took control of neighborhoods and known to put signs saying SHARIA LAW ZONE. The Western so called "leaders" are just candy-assed weak. You want to get rid of these vermin and rabid dogs once and for all from civilized Europe? Unleash the centuries old defenders of the Christian faith against these Jihadist invaders known as the Cossacks and they will show you how it is done. A Cossack strikes fear in the hearts of all Jihadists because those subhumans know that Cossacks will soon put bullets through each and every one of their skulls. Cossacks never compromise with Jihadist lowlifes or seek a middle ground, why should the West either. Exterminate the filth LONG LIVE THE COSSACKS, THE DEFENDERS TO THE GATES OF EUROPE". Qasim Raza: "Yes they got angry because it was only their job to provide it to isis". Richard Vine: "Yet the US govt actively provides ISIS with weapons and money". Judi Gomez: "and do the CIA that trained ISIS will get arrested? ever?". Rolie Sylvester: "I forgot all about ISIS ! One of my best jokes was to claim that I am the commander-at-large of ISIS. They are all my bitches now.". Tim Zachman: "I'm still not convinced that ISIS is a bad thing other them destroying ancient monuments.". Nate Nader Daqqaq: "Pathetic , get the f out of here with BS really !!?? Isis is Israel Secret Intelligence Service and the get paid more then FBI from out tax money now we pay FBI to Arrest the then pay more tax to feed and house them while the judge and the court system get more money for the case , WTF !!??!!". Trevor Pannell: "who was he, a republican politician?". Jon Brees Thogmartin: "that is ridiculous. the government works with isis.". Karim Sept: "why FBT doest arrest C.I.A, It also support ISIS!?!". Karim Sept: "No one can stop ISIS only Muslims, because they are project against muslims and Islam by X sides.". Ronald Guillen: "There is irrefutable proof the FBI botched the JFK assassination, which was carried out by the CIA and Kennedy was trying to quell. Little did he know, that little agency known as the CIA has gone rogue and was completely immune of any laws. Wake up fellow Americans, 9/11 was an inside job... the bankers are the puppets of the biggest enemy if the planet, the illuminati.. the small conglomerate of bankers and corporate billionaires.". Hans-Dieter von Senff: "Why? It was not Obama nor the C.I.A....". Shane Weiant: "He support the mossad and cia? why? must be off their rocker a little. ISIS created by mossad and cia.". Dale Simmons: "What is the suspects name, John McCain?".
19-02-2016 16:19 We're watching you posts a video. 25 people like this: Andreas Pigl, Monika Lernbecher, Jan Emesvau, Gunter Dubrau, Ji Ray, Arton AL, Susanne Voss, Denis Mitlacher, Malte Fruchtiger, Leyla Emre, PEGIS Patriotische Europäer gegen Intolerante Sachsen, Carlito Neo, Robert Black, Arbeitskreis maximalpigmentierter Rotationseuropäer in der NPD, Nico Nissen, Anna-Maria Hass, Veit Bäcker, Stefan Teske, Hase Sejdoz, Erdal Sahin, Evets Nnamednil, Cem Bozok, Ahmed Elnuri, Christine Eberle, Moritz Umlau. 25 people commented on this. Jens Grabowski: "worum gings?". Ulrike Henschke: "Ist das auch aus Clausnitz?
12-03-2016 06:43 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Apple vs FBI: Argumente aus dem Jahr 1807. Im Fall Apple versus FBI gehe es nicht um einen Präzedenzfall, sagt das Justizministerium – und verweist auf einen Präzedenzfall von 1807. (str). Im Streit zwischen Apple und dem FBI um ein gesperrtes iPhone wird der Ton rau. Das Justizministerium wirft Apple vor, Chinas Regierung mehr zu helfen als der eigenen. 10 Menschen gefällt das: Daniel Brandhoff, Marcel Widmann, Roland Scheuring, Fajer Sarmini, Stelly Bush, Philippe Weyand, Sivanathan Sathasivam, So Hier Ist Sophie, Christiane Heinz, Maria Theresia Kast.
26-02-2017 17:42 Ragnar Arnarson shares a link. Variety. "Game over man" -Hudson, aliens. You will be missed. Now go get em.. The beloved actor has died after surgery.
28-12-2015 21:07 Kingdom of paintings adds a photo. Timeline Photos. Vladimir Volegov "An Andalusian story", 92x65 cm, oil on canvas. 25 people like this: Petq Gospodinova, Farah Adam, Ravi Potdar, Feryal Othman, Ümit Zorlu, Bezveselnaya Zoya, Ahmed Talib, Dominik Brucato, Alberto Daniel Afinek, Silvio Verde, Elena Dusheva, Maryam Mohiti, Arindam Banerjee, Michel Chromiak, Philip Hautmann, Irina Petrenko, Ming Liu, प्रकाश नाकोड., Basire Muca, Nashaat Nageb, Luljeta Qose, 張淑芳, Scott Riddell, Qazi Jehangir, Antonino Trovato. 12 people commented on this. Małgorzata Stępniewska: ":-) <3". Jasia Szalimow: "Cudo". Om Marwan: "Amazing
09-05-2015 16:05 ARTE teilt einen Link. Tracks - Seid absurd! | ARTE | 22h30. Die Leute haben dich schon immer für komisch gehalten? Umso besser! Denn Tracks braucht für einen Beitrag über Pierrick Sorrin absurde Hilfe:. Du bist der Star: Macht zeitgenössische Kunst mit eurer neuesten Selfie-Kamera!. 5 Menschen gefällt das: Englishland Atlixco, Anja Rakotobe, Maria Eugenia Cuesta Gonzalez, Enic Gra, Gynt Quentino Harrys.
20-04-2016 19:22 taz. die tageszeitung teilt einen Link. Kommentar AfD-Programm: Ein Echo aus dunkelster Zeit.!5293243/. Zum ersten Mal seit der Nazi-Zeit gibt es in Deutschland wieder eine Partei, die eine religiöse Minderheit denunziert und die Religionsfreiheit einschränken will. Nichts an diesem Satz ist falsch.. Religionsfreiheit in Europa ist ein Erbe der Aufklärung. Der antimuslimische Rassismus der AfD sollte nicht als „Islamkritik“ verharmlost werden. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Robert Höpcke, Frederik M. Hänlein, Benny Lance, Stinson Sirchill, Sivanathan Sathasivam, Tagli Lie, Mona Dombrowski, Stefan Groetzschel, Annika Sveenson, Rolf Walze, Cee Jay Johnson, Suzan Gülfirat, Gerd-Günter Finck, Ahimes Ce, Robert Keller, Mone Elmer, Jochen Frankl, Berfin Aslan, Dagmar Düsseldorf, Thang Ngo Le Duc, Si Chill, Oliver Dee, Melanie Friedl, Björn Applecake, Ju Li An. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Erich Latzelsberger: "afd . . . 20.april . . . da hat deren geistiger vater doch geburtstag !?". Thomas Ermatov: "Mit dem Unterschied, dass wir nicht den Geschichtsunterricht geschwänzt haben und eine Wiederholung selber noch verhindern können Vom Jammern wird es nicht besser Es muss was getan werden". Döne Terzi: "gib alle Religionen keine Chance....". Toni Tränkner: "Religionen sind das grundübel fast aller Konflikte weltweit". Eldar Lindström: ""Die Liste der Grausamkeiten ist lang. Die AfD spricht sich für ein Verbot von Minaretten und Muezzinrufen, von Kopftüchern an Schulen und von Ganzkörperschleiern aus. Sie will Koranschulen und Moscheen stärker kontrollieren und ihre Finanzierung aus dem Ausland untersagen – Auflagen, die keiner anderen Religionsgemeinschaft gemacht werden. Auch ein Verbot der rituellen Schlachtung und der Beschneidung von Kindern, wie sie im Islam und Judentum üblich sind, stehen bei ihrem Parteitag in Stuttgart zur Debatte." Das sollen Grausamkeiten sein? ^^ eieiei was da denn los? Ich glaube das fordert mitlerweile jeder zweite Deutsche.". Mohamed Amine: "respektieren alle Religionen ✌". Güven Aydogan: "Gib weltfremde Rassisten und İslamhasser keine Chance.". Chris Wallner: "Ayhan Yaprak". Mine Burghard: "Gib Menschen keine Chance die Kriege führen und Kriege unterstützen...Relegionen an sich können nichts für sind immer nur Wesen die sich Menschen nennen.". Malte Friedrichsen: "Hitmen können sich auch auf Art. 12 Abs. 1 Satz 1 GG berufen. Mit dem strafrechtlichen Tötungsverbot wird insoweit auch in die Berufsfreiheit eingegriffen. Dass Auftragsmorde in Deutschland dennoch kein legaler Geschäftszweig sind, liegt an der verfassungsrechtlichen Rechtfertigung des Eingriffs. Herr Bax sei daran erinnert, dass es nicht ausreicht, ein bisschen im Grundgesetz zu lesen, man muss auch die Methodik hinter der Prüfung von Grundrechtseingriffen verstehen. Denn zahlreiche Forderungen der AfD in Bezug auf den Islam, die Herr Bax so vollmundig als "Grausamkeiten" diffamiert, halte ich für verfassungsrechtlich sehr wohl zu rechtfertigen.". Peter Köhl: "...jeder Jeck ist anders.....aber die AfDler sind gefährlich....". Yassine El Alaoui: "Respektiere alle Religionen. Liebe und Toleranz und Respekt statt Hass, Intoleranz und Respektlosigkeit". Micha Meiier: ".....unsere falsche Toleranz und Naivität gegenüber dieser verfassungsfeindlichen Ideologie Islam wird uns unsere Freiheit und Wohlstand kosten , leider....". William Wires: "Religionen und gesell. Ideologien haben primäre Vorbilder. Wenn man die Darstellung, bzw. die Handlungen dieser Vorbilder genauer betrachtet, weiß man dann Bescheid: Jesus, Mohammed, L. Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith. Hitler, Stalin,... Da sind gewaltige Unterschiede.". Wolfgang Spelten: "Das Echo aus dunkelster Zeit ist doch der Islam.. Das Erbe der Aufklärung oder eine Aufklärung kennt er nicht. Mahatma Gandhi über den Islam :: ‘‘Während Hindus, Sikhs, Christen, Parse und Juden mit Millionen Anhängern animistischer Religionen, alle miteinander in relativer Harmonie koexistieren konnten, gab es eine Religion, die keine Kompromisse schließen konnte und abseits stand vom Rest: der Islam..“ Heute würde man ihn dafür als Nazi beschimpfen..". Dortmund Mengede: ""Ganzkörper-Verschleierungen gibt´s in der BRD kaum, Minarette sind für jedes Stadtbild eine Zierde, Muezzin-Rufe sind auch sehr selten, nerven aber sehr viel weniger als so manches Geböllere minderwertiger Kirchenglocken. In Dortmund hat es eine rechtsradikale Bürgerliste, nur mit dem Inhalt, ein Minarett in Dortmund-Eving zu verhindern, mit einem Sitz in den Stadtrat geschafft hat. Dieser Mensch ist dermaßen peinlich, dass ich pathologisches vermute. Ebenso verhält sich der "Ratsherr" der "Die Rechte". Die Ratsherren der "A"fD, haben anscheinend keine Freigabe, im Rat zu reden.Nicht nur am rechten, ungebildeten Rand, sondern auch bei faktisch längst verstorbenen wird da gefischt. Trotzdem stehen fast alle Organisationen, Kirchen, Vereine, und auch Firmen, -vor allem der BVB, klar gegen Rechtsradikale. Die Geflohenen-Arbeit Dortmunder Bürger ist vorbildlich, und wird immer professioneller. Hier haben sich besonders viele Freunde gefunden. Genau, wie bei den diversen Aktionen und Bündnissen gegen Nazis. Besondere Abwehr gegen "Fremde" findet man immer wieder vor allem in Gegenden, wo es sie nie gab. In Städten, in denen es zur Tradition gehört, mit Migration umzugehen, fluppt das sehr weltoffen.". Roman Slabschi: "Ich finde es ehrlich gesagt mehr als befremdlich, dass sich ausgerechnet die "taz." als Schutzpatron einer totalitären, expansiven und in weiten Teilen faschistoiden Ideologie vor den Karren spannen lässt. Am Ende des Tages gilt es immer die Freiheit im Auge zu behalten und sich demjenigen entgegenzustellen, der sie bedroht. Auch wenn es sich um eine Religion handelt!". Marc Michalsky: "Liebe taz, gestern im Kommentar auf Eurer Titelseite hörte sich das aber noch ganz anders an.". Wilhelm Mohnke: "Der Islam gehört weltweit verboten.". Michael Noack: "Das ist wahr, großes SED-Ehrenwort!!". Alex Rippchen: "Toller tierschutzbericht". Bea Krafft-Schöning: "Gib Radikalismus keine Chance!". Jimmy Mac Table: "Hat die Taz nach dem gestrigen Shitstorm die Meinung etwa wieder gewechselt. Hofdentlich aber langfristig.". Naddie Sunshine: "Ernsthaft der Islam ist nicht der IS .... Glaube ist nicht Terror !!! Nur mal so ein Gedanke ....". Jon Greenlist: "Ich bin gegen alle Religionen, erst recht gegen so eine rückständige wie den Islam. Nichts an diesem Satz ist falsch.".
16-02-2015 14:16 FelS Berlin teilt einen Link. Die offene Flanke der Umweltbewegung. Wir haben auf einen Standpunkt zur sozialen Frage in der Umweltbewegung geschrieben: "An diesem Wochenende trifft sich in Leipzig ein Bündnis, das mit einer breiten Aktion des zivilen Ungehorsams im August den Betrieb einer Braunkohlegrube stoppen will. Trotz der Konzentration auf den sofortigen Kohleausstieg ist es wichtig, den Kampf gegen Energiearmut als Teil der eigenen Bewegung zu begreifen. ...". An diesem Wochenende trifft sich in Leipzig ein Bündnis, das mit einer breiten Aktion des zivilen Ungehorsams im August den Betrieb einer Braunkohlegrube stoppen will. Trotz der Konzentration auf. 2 Menschen gefällt das: Ot Bot, Barbara Mürdter.
20-06-2017 12:50 Xaver Revax posts a video. Thanks, Smokey!. Finally, a comedy for animal lovers. Writ....
29-01-2015 15:46 teilt einen Link. Uber liefert Welpen aus, will Image korrigieren. Süß und plump: Uber will mit einer Marketingaktion sein Image korrigieren, so Kritiker - der Fahrtenservice liefert Welpen in Büros.. Sonderaktion in Kooperation mit einem TV-Sender, Büroangestellte konnten Welpen bestellen.
29-06-2015 17:19 RT shares a link. Palestinian to be freed by Israel after 56-day hunger strike. A lawyer for a Palestinian held prisoner in Israel says he will be released in exchange for ending a 56-day hunger strike. Khader Adnan is set to be set free on July 12, after spending around a year in jail without being charged. 25 people like this: Foza Behram, Yassine Lazar, Chris Ocegueda, Cody E. T. Johnson, Vickey Khan, Terry Wentworth-Wood, Zaben Hashish, Muqtar A Adhan, Jafrey Cwogstia, Ahmad Suhrab Osmani, Izzy Naeem, Pedro Pinto, Rita Ikaba, David Ruiz, Mintu Donyi Sanong Doley, Jamie R Gillespie, Syazwann Eiman, Angga Verdi Anysah, Yaser Ayub, Mohammed Shabir, Don Fanvz, Joche Rozas, Ade Bray, Julia Tan, Maxbmartins Martins. 25 people commented on this. Yacine Yazzoo Chikh: "The whole of Palestine should be freed, not just him! But good for him though". Brayan Martinez: "ver el video Completo de esta noticia Aqui en link azul". Masood Ahsan: "This will not erase their crimes against Palestinians.". पराग तिवारी: "3..2..". Steve Sutton: "Meanwhile they still kidnap kids and sell their organs on the black market:". Philip Holmgren: "Israel should wipe away teheran from the map". Randolph Flagg: " Frankie goes to pallywood ..saudi productions ltd". Hanu Schrijver: "The Palestinians have suffered... resisted... talked... fought... spent money and their lifes. Why don't they now expose how Israel was aquired... the time is ready for them and public opinion on their site. They should publish and expose how the criminal Sabbatean Frankist Talmudic Jews, bought the land of Israel from the British PM... thirty years before Israel was founded. Look up the Balfour Declaration and expose this Luciferian cabal. Think Obola is bad? Think again, he is a pussy compared to the vile and evil British elite.". Siraj Shah: "God bless palestine. ... such strong courageous brave people ... #Respects". Gabo Alexandre: "I wouldn't trust him.". Loso Dante Freeway: "It's about time". Gilbert Valentino: "I don't think so., shine on!". Gilbert Valentino: "I know... be nice!". Miriam Brenner: "". Vaclav Kraun: "State of Palestine will be free! Nazi Israel's Holocaust of non-Jews children and women will be in textbooks?". Debra Shaub: "they need to free the babys and now". Jack Boa: "Palestinian ?". Taylor Bloom: "how the hell does someone survive with no food for almost 2 months?". Henk Wiersma: "biggest mistake made in 1948..and NOW 2015 ??? I will not rest my cace !!". Shaun Alf Roach: "Sounds pretty much like guatanamo bay I guest that's what all democracy's do hold people without charge strangely enough it sounds like kidnapping...before I forget "israel the only "democracy" in the middle-east...". Joshua Short Neal: "Well!? I can guess he is going to eat his off". Peter Scully: "should of let him continue". Muqtar A Adhan: "ISIL will soon come to israel and #beheadz the jews". Emma Oragwu: "Meanwhile Hamas is still holding giliad shalit. Who freed this guy that will go back to plotting death and suffering for non Muslims?". Seán Ó'Ceallaigh: "He's an Islamist...".
05-01-2015 23:46 RT shares a link. Latest bomb blast in Ukraine’s Odessa devastates pro-govt office. The blast targeted office of a public coordination center that collects contributions for Ukrainian troops and law enforcement taking part in the so-called “anti-terrorist” operation in the eastern Donetsk and Lugansk regions.. An explosion outside a government office in central Odessa ripped off doors, broke windows and damaged cars nearby. A series of blasts have hit the southern Ukrainian city over the last month, prompting Kiev authorities to send in the National Guard. 25 people like this: Andre Thomison, Al Fight, Rachid Ben Amouch, Taylor Loustaunau, Somnath Bar, Jamie Richard, Harilal Solanki, Themis Dimitrakopoulos, Karmeshvar Tagorda, أمجد فان هوك, Justin Horton, Max Weber, Izmi Smashblast, Gimisum Powder, Eric Lanoy, Hus Ko, Humberto Vladimir Isabeles Munguia, Wirat Saengarunwong, محمد عبدالله, Zeus Samanis, David Weltraumvizepräsident Feilhaber McScharlatan, Alexander Chan, Zar Nab, John Shaffer, Neo Planters. 25 people commented on this. Christopher Helloz: "Let me guess its those Ukraine Nazi's and Russia will save everyone as they are the heros". Marc Authier: "Terrorism is a word to use carefully specially when you are an ukrainian neo nazi like this USSA backed government is. In a civil war ALL SIDES use terrorism.". Tyler Waldo Anez: "Russian terrorist ! Watch though everyone will say this is good". Steve Lane: "". Marko Gajinović: "Looks like we will have a new IRA...". Paul Miles: ""yawn" this shits getting boring". Gregg Matthew: "GO ON UKRAINE !!". Peter Scully: "russia trying to destroy ukraine it seems". Sam Romio: "Blessed be on Ukraine god help them amen.". Mark Gibbons: "Go Ukraine". Jeff Mathis: "Russian backed separatists are to blame.". Mark Gibbons: "Russian backed terrorists more like". Dan R. Salas: "Thank you Putin.". Ronald Chan: "Maybe if the government in Kiev doesn't order troops to indiscriminately fire artillery on populated areas of Eastern Ukraine, the Eastern Ukrainians won't become vengeful enough to plant a bomb in an Ukrainian government office. Same logic as the Palestinians under Israeli occupation. or the Afghans and Pakistanis under US-NATO occupation.". Dwayne Fairman: "lol". Abby Mukasa: "That what the Government wanted by destroying all peoples lives and properties . A bad person can send you to do something as bad as him.". Michael Deacon: "Who stands to gain the most in this? The Russian speaking eastern ukrainians? or the Fascists in the west who would like everyone to believe that the east is full of 'terrorists' so they can justify a very heavy handed 'anti-terrorist' operation to the world. It looks like a classic false flag operation. One guy killed who was allegedly handling a bomb, who was he? If there is a bomb that successfully kills some very high ranking right wingers, then It just might be appropriate to suspect the separatists. For the moment they look to be defending their homes and families and way of life to me, from genocidal thugs.". Erik Moore: "Ukranian false flag". James Luchte: "'If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.'". Rene Meyer: "Great, now the Russians engage in right-out terrorism...". Paul Ryan: "Well, the junta supported fascists did burn dozens of people alive in Odessa. Those who escaped the blaze were beaten to death. Police just stood there. It was obvious that the junta supported the actions. Im glad the pro-junta office was bombed. Why? Because Nazis suck.". Kevin Reed: "Plenty of Stupid in the comments below...". Jozef Vican: "". Walt V Miller: "So-called? Called by who? Russians? It's actually anti-Russian-anti-Nazi-anti-terrorist operation. And yeah Russians are the way worse than terrorists.". Arvid Bjerga: "".