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… i life in, the environment that surrounds me …

Since February 2018 i'm disconnected from my old environment (since Facebook changed their API in 2017). But from now on, October 2019, i found a new one.
The content below -more for historical reasons- are snippets of my old environment... (yes, you get a random selection for free! if you want to buy my old environment, lets get in contact.)

15-06-2016 13:22 Survival International (in deutsch) teilt ein Video. DER SCHAMANE UND DIE SCHLANGE | Trailer deutsch german [HD]. | "Der Schamane und die Schlange" (Trailer deutsch german) | Kinostart: 21.04.2016 --- Bitte ABONNIEREN/LIKEN nicht vergessen: .... 25 Menschen gefällt das: Elke Mauer Holler, Skar Holm, Wolf Ratz, Marion MO, Manuel Weihrauch, Enrico Fleming, Philipp Rodleitner, Johanna Gute Mine Abend, Mina Jakovljevic, Susanne Graef, Alice Maya, Michael Basementer, Mario Teßmann, Tamara Zhuber, Karina Joyce Ziesche, Carolin Müller, Rita Roberts, Anna Anakonda, Katja Viedt, Peter Schmid, Self-Defence Surviving, Elliz Dee, Gerda Wolff-Geiger, Michael Fenz, Catha Strophal.
15-06-2015 01:33 RT shares a link. ‘Stop over-the-counter sales of Monsato’s weed killer’ – French minister to garden shops. French environment and energy minister Segolene Royal has asked garden centers to stop self-service sales of Monsanto's Roundup weed killer to fight the harmful effects of pesticide. 25 people like this: Zahliia Miiller, Herry StiaOne, Mintu Donyi Sanong Doley, Lynn Leishman, Lisa Janes, Tatsuo Kato, Fernando Perez, Vinicius Rosa, KA R An, Tanmoy Chakroborty, Tim Richards, Albu Mihai, Ramakrishna Nukarapu, Orhan Gunca, Mega Pro, Aldi Aldus, Kevin Park, Amit AK, GJ Ankurman Sensowa, Dixie Foley-Marchuk, Mjasnik Abraamjan, Andrej Osif, Christina Bergschneider, Paul Rdc, Ivette Mastronardi. 25 people commented on this. The Truth from all over the World: "Follow us to learn the mainstream media truth". Aaron O'Kane: "Just ban it worldwide, it would make more sense if they want to use it in America let them". Mike Speake: "Without pesticides 50% of the world's population would go hungry.". Sally Stewart: "It is poison.". Jeffrey Kendall: "". Nick Nestarin: "Meanwhile in the Guardian, focusing on gaiety". Raineer Raffles Moo: "Some say GMO food is one of the element that make Americans fat, diabetic, cancereous, lazy and dumb as f*ck... but idk". Scott Prestwood: "“We all want to see a country, which has produced Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, and Dostoevsky, as a partner. However, facts show that we are dealing with a different Russia nowadays—a nationalist, aggressive state ruled by a president who sees Europe as an opponent, not a partner.” He has consequently continued with his critique, also accusing Moscow of trying to divide the European Union and destabilize the Balkans. Plevneliev’s anti-Russian stance is a startling change in tone in a country that has long been considered Russia’s Trojan horse in the European Union. In fact, although many of the European Union’s former Eastern Bloc countries—including Poland and the Baltic states—view Russia as a historical occupier and a serious security challenge, Bulgaria has for many years considered Moscow—with whom it shares a common history and similarities in language—to be a good friend. At the height of Soviet power, Bulgaria was one of the Soviet Union’s most pliable allies—to such a degree that the First Secretary of the Bulgarian Communist Party, Todor Zhivkov, proposed several times that Bulgaria become the 16th Soviet republic. President Rosen Plevneliev has been saying for some time now what many leaders in Central Europe and the Balkans do not even dare to think. On May 7, in his speech at the Gdańsk ceremonies marking the end of the Second World War, he called Vladimir Putin a nineteenth-century imperialist who is creating his own spheres of influence in Europe.". Kat Garden: "Stop poisoning us. Stop Monsanto.". Nick Nestarin: "May be coming to Cameron's London soon". Helen Nicolaou: "Monsanto the biggest polluter of our planet and food supplies in the history of Humanity SHAME must be taxed to cover the damages to environment and peoples health.". Adrian Peirson: "Great News, thanks for sharing RT, probably won't see this on the BBC unless it's labelled as a conspiracy theory.". Wayne Slattery: "spraying the sky ,,,,ground ,,,,food,,". Noel Delcourt: "Monsanto, from Slave Master to Poisoner ....". Albert Antal: "Indoor farming would be great. Like farming inside a warehouse. I would like to have my own garden someday.". Mike Scirocco: "Nice to see someone standing up to them.". Patrick Mccarthy: "Lucky france isn't part of tppa or their government would be sued for hurting monsato's profits". Kath Butterworth: "". Jaroslav Belicka: "Sop monsataning us.". Simba Mudzamba: "Does this Monsanto company do ANYTHING that ISN'T harmful?". Cy McCracken: "Trying to do something about you the "people" who are restoring the light and earth is what needs to be focused on. Please share this.
30-01-2017 15:28 Hoog At shares a link. Lieber Dexit als Grexit - Friedensturm.  .
20-01-2015 02:15 Pitchfork shares a link. TLC Launch Kickstarter for Final Album With Amazing Rewards. TLC launch Kickstarter to fund final album, offer slumber parties and TLC music video outfits as incentives. Slumber parties, TLC's music video outfits, an exercise class with Chilli. 25 people like this: Immer Beltrán, Amanda Beland, Gabi Kruszyńska, Martin Wilson, Vector Jag, Nykos Silentlywalking AbnormalPussybear, Noor Flug, Arri Chavez, Thomas Michael Callihan, Timofej Nenarokov, Malo Soc, Tommi Palasvirta, Julia Suh, Martin Barker, Maciek Lisiecki, Natty Puta La Grande, Syll Garcia, Oliver Luckett, Kristin Naijn, Dane Voordermoonraker, Haley Yuhasz, Yaiza Preston, L Patricia García, Traoul Chapman, Chloe Clark. 25 people commented on this. Jordan Stacy: "OH SHIT". DJ Kwassa: "luvly free remix". Chris Patterson: "A slumber party huh.....". Rosie Áine Mæve Elliott-Welch: "Lucy". Brian MacBrian: "Lorraine". Ramona Lisa: "These two are the thirstiest remaining members of any music project ever. There was the reality show to find a new member, the album with lady gaga, and now this. Move on, ladies.". Bruna Castanheira De Freitas: "Thais Castanheira Mariana Nery García". Cam Hurst: "Mira Sertorio Matilda Simcock Ashley Skead plZ". Matt Carr: "Helen Gregory". Lucy Elliott-Welch: "Rosie wowzers!". Rhiannon Walsh: "Lauren". Amanda Mazur: "Andrew Chowder LeMerkin". Daniel Burchwell: "Corey Dinkens". Silver Jess: "Michael". Mike Anderson: "Briana Mishelle". Ondi Saskia Martin: "Jarrad Anders". Maggie Sherwood: "Russ Harith". Chadwick Bennett: "Ash Kristin Strahan". Maggie Stone: "Marissa DeMeritt". Antonio Ps: "millionaires need kickstarter?". Ash Kristin Strahan: "Holy shit!!!!!!!". Marco Antônio Galindo: "Vitor Pessoa!!!". Declan Fearon: "Tom Sherman". Gilbert Flores Jr.: "Im pretty sure that group is called TC". Lydia Guterman: "Sammy Martel".
18-02-2017 06:13 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Feinstaub: Die Motoren sind nicht das Problem. Stuttgarts Hoffnung gegen Feinstaub? Moos.. Statt Abgasen sind Reifen und Bremsen eine Hauptquelle von Feinstaub. Im Kampf gegen die Partikel setzt die Feinstaub-Hauptstadt Stuttgart jetzt auf Moos. 15 Menschen gefällt das: Jens Schmidt, Matthias Schwelberger, Peter Pohl, Jan Oppermann, Heiko Bartle, Carl Hemprich, Heiko Pruggmayer, Peter Müller, Markus Keinath, Heidi Ghaussy, JP Rettich, Heiner Weber, Chigiri Sahashi, Torsten Fink, Maximilian Bodendorfer. 2 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Maria Bolz: "Die Firma Bayer hat vor vielen Jahren Reifen entwickelt, bei denen sich das Gummi nicht abnutzt. Leider wurde das Produkt von Lobbyisten der Autoindustrie bzw , der Reifenindustrie gestoppt und verschwand somit, in den Tiefen der Katakomben.". Markus Keinath: "Da frage ich mich, was mit dem Müll aus der Straßenreinigung dann gemacht wird? Mit dem Schwermetall Anteil klingt das nach Sondermüll. Werden diese Partikelgrößen eigentlich dabei überhaupt im Fahrzeug gesammelt, oder nur in die Luft geblasen?".
25-06-2015 04:41 RT shares a link. Google attempts to save emailers from themselves with 'Undo Send' feature. You still can't un-see some nasty Internet stuff, but at least now you can un-send emails!. It inevitably happens to everyone: You send an email and immediately regret it. You want to crawl in a hole and die because there’s no way to get it back. But Google aims to help, and finally launched its “Undo Send” feature to the Gmail-using masses. 25 people like this: Bayi Tabong, Claire Bear, Amanda Sargent, Febriana Rianti, Narek Baluyan, Pippith Mugie Lestarii, Ch Nadeem Ahsan, B Albert Graham, Rita Ikaba, Moses Adudu, Dido Ampani, Bong Sebastian, Rashid Rashid, M Idrees Khan, Slawomir Bugajski, Iwan Edwards, Victor Harms, Shifa Putrie, Subhash Choudhury, Suzana Johnsen, Vignesh Vikka, Michael McCarthy, ChuznulQori'ah, Ritae Niezz, Angela Frasier. 16 people commented on this. Lisa Pedraza: "Oh man a lot of drunk people will be happy about this". Risha Since: "Good job Google.". Peace & Love: "Dear person reading this, Change because you want to change, don't change for the sake of pleasing other people. It's your life and your own body. Regardless of what you don't like about yourself every single person is unique and has their own great quality's. Everyone who truly loves you will love you regardless of how you look and all your insecurity's. I hope this comment helped you a bit and if not, I‘m sorry Sincerely, Me". Leon Surette: "Who uses gmail for personal use .. I suppose people who were not aware google steals your information. Lol". Ανθούσα Λουλούδια: "way back AOL used to do this". Richard Vine: "I can't be bothered to read the article but I suppose this is only Gmail to Gmail possible.". Vladimir Pavlov: "Never trust google". Nusaibah Yunus: "Drunk people use email? Eh makes sense". Logan Potts: "Now do this with iMessage.". Tardis Blü: "Umm AOL had this eons ago. About time Google". Mike Campbell: "All I can think about is the fact that they are basically making cases such as "The Clinton incident" basically impossible to prove!". Don Nadeau: "MS Outlook does this. Not always successful, of course.". Leith Devereux: "Aaron Magon". Bashdar Diesel: "please!". Alan Taggart: "Especially after a few drinks!". Will Burns: "Learn secrets about how men and women think plus so much more! Please share:".
14-02-2016 05:23 RT shares a link. 'Political correctness gone mad': Man asked not to wear Union Jack jacket because it’s 'offensive'. 'It was an insult to be asked to take it off. It is my pride and joy. I’m a big fan of The Who and the Mod era and have all the gear.'. A man in South Yorkshire, England has been asked not to wear his Who-style Union Jack jacket by alleged council officials because it may cause offense. 25 people like this: Lhadi Bourissia, Oxta Vian, Grzegorz Oleksy, Seymour Budz, Ingrid Barth, Alexander Krohn, صلاح جديد, Robert Ballard, Dave Playfair, Tomek Olejniczak, Malik Abid, Mohammed Sefrioui, Andy Philipp, Amanda Esposito, Jean Aschidamini, Rodrigo Duarte, Michaèl Cimino, Paul Hartwell, River Allen Smith, Stephan J. Cox, Lallu Gareng, Gheban Bogdan Alexandru, Geraint Jones, Carol Dobbin, Michael McGrann. 25 people commented on this. Koweng Kurniawan: "Hi Guys.. I finally found the link Original to full movie streaming & download Deadpool Full Movie [HD] ⇨ How to Be Single Full Movie [HD] ⇨ The Choice Full Movie [HD] ⇨ Ride Along 2 Full Movie [HD] ⇨ Fifty Shades of Black Full Movie [HD] ⇨ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Full Movie [HD] ⇨ Fifty Shades Of Grey Full Movie [HD] ⇨ Valentine's Day Full Movie [HD] ⇨ The 5th Wave Full Movie [HD] ⇨ Suicide Squad Full Movie [HD] ⇨ X-Men: Apocalypse Full Movie [HD] ⇨ Zoolander 2 Full Movie [HD] ⇨ Gods of Egypt Full Movie [HD] ⇨ Guaranted safe, Enjoy it Now..". Alya Duwi Putri: "Hallo guy's,,, you can watch or download original movie full HD and Free in Here.. ✔️Deadpool full [HD] movie Click Link :
20-10-2016 09:49 Martin Backes teilt einen Link. Wired Germany. Ups!. Versehentlich ein großes Problem der Menschheit gelöst? Kann ja mal passieren!.
18-08-2015 15:53 Piratenpartei teilt ein Video. Pegida in den Sozialen Medien - Aufstand der Herren mittleren Alters? Ein Vortrag von Julia Schramm. "Auch wenn Pegida als Bewegung inzwischen wieder abflaut, so hat sie doch für Aufsehen auch über die Grenzen Deutschlands hinaus gesorgt. Zwar gelang es nich.... 4 Menschen gefällt das: Paolo Tratzky, Jürgen Sterlike, Pinguin Lemke, Carsten Hermes.
23-05-2015 17:10 Natale Cuciniello says something. Natale Cuciniello → ROSE NELL'INSALATA. "rOSA dIGITALE.
21-07-2016 21:40 Ben Grosser posts a video. Facebook Demetricator 1.7.1 Demo. A casual introduction to some of the new features of Facebook Demetricator 1.7.1..
08-02-2017 16:37 Chris Derringer teilt einen Link.
24-11-2015 11:53 Heidi Ho adds a photo. Heidi's cover photo. .
05-08-2015 11:48 ORF Sommergespräche teilt ein Video. 17 Menschen gefällt das: Elisabeth Maria, Conrad Miller, Michael Bauer, Maximilian Brugger, Patrick Reiss, Amélie Fuchs, Philipp Spitzer, Simone Stribl, Helvetia Bauer, Johannes Reisigl, Eva Ziehfreund, Margreth Herzog, Loisi Topka, Daniel J. E. Sailer, Timo Gadde, Michael Kokesch, Florian Prochaska. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Klaus Graf Von Rothenfels: "Nicht vergessen alles brav zu gendern Herr Bürger...".
11-06-2015 12:00 Helga Koecher teilt einen Link. Introanimation - Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. Gerhard Stäbler: "Heute – Herzliche Einladung! 11. Juni 2015 (20 Uhr) Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Grabbeplatz 4 FLOWER FROM EAST PerformanceMusik zur Ausstellung „Cody Choi. Culture Cuts“ (9. Mai – 2. August 2015) Mit Werken von Cathy Berberian, Hannah-Hanibel Choi, Saehoon Chung, Christian Jendreiko, Uikyung Lee, Sukju Na, Alwynne Pritchard, Erik Satie, Kunsu Shim, Mic Spencer und Gerhard Stäbler Ausführende: Alexandra von der Weth (Sopran), Ensemble Crush (Kyusang Jeong, Karin Nakayama und Slavi Grigorov), Hannah-Hanibel Choi / Matthias Heße / Christian Jendreiko / Kunsu Shim / Gerhard Stäbler, Performance Karten sind an der Abendkasse in der Kunsthalle Düsseldorf erhältlich. Eintritt: 8,- Euro / ermäßigt 4,- Euro Gefördert durch die Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, die Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Dr. Karl Emil und Lilli Brügmann Stiftung und d.ZENT Düsseldorf Kunsthalle Düsseldorf Grabbeplatz 4 D-40213 Düsseldorf Tel.: 0211 89 96 243 Di – So, Feiertage 11 – 18 Uhr".
07-10-2015 04:59 RT shares a link. ‘Russia reacted to rise of Islamic state’ – fmr US intel chief on Russian strikes in Syria. Russia reacted to rise of ISIS The US must understand that Russia also has a foreign policy and a national security strategy, and that Moscow launched the campaign against ISIS in Syria after its “unstated red lines were crossed,” retired US Lieutenant General Michael Flynn told RT.. An estimated 3,000 Islamic State fighters as well as militants from other extremist groups have fled Syria for Jordan fearing a renewed offensive by the Syrian army in addition to Russian airstrikes,. 25 people like this: Shafee Al-seddeeq, Anish Naidu, Aziz Nenweh M, Vlad Carabut, Shidqia Adja, Jibrin Muhammad, Spaso Jaeger, Umar Lal, Fikry Zahry, Rammi Ibrahim, شبح الظلام, Sam S Hamupolo, Andrej Osif, Dalibor Filipovic, Hark Manipis, Shoaib Butt, Tapas Dutta Banik, Hasib Sadat, Moayyad Alkhatib, David Silviu Craescu, Farhad Ali Sayed, Nicolas Andraos, Jennifer L. Krider, Suhail Parkar, Zaim Salimun. 25 people commented on this. Suhail Ahmad: "Islamic State or Zionist State". Mayong Burgos: "“unstated red lines were crossed,” ...". Adrian Cam: "Where's peter scully..that freaking troll.". Mike Speake: "Russia needs to start taking in refugees. Western Europe is full.". Spencer Tiberius Rappaport: "Why not? Can anyone truly answer why the US must lead must be in control must be the ones to try their blundering hand at setting up governments and integrating cultures/religions/differing political systems? America isn't everyones buddy and everyone doesn't have to be. Other countries can talk to other countries without the US knowing everything and sticking its "invisible" hand in markets it doesn't belong. Doesn't matter it's all at the top and in secrecy, nobody commenting here has a true inside look at the high world of international geopolitics. they dont care about you.". Wilz Wilson: "What's the fuss? Let Russia bomb away! Islamic state will spread across the globe otherwise.". المحامي فائز الحلي: "Rossia are killing the most beloved son to the US Isis is the best one to America and Israel it's normal result to scream after the Russian attack". Rizwan Elahi: "Every other nation robs Middle East , Why not Russia?". Theories R' Us: "". Ernest H Longworth: "go for it". John David Runnels: "In case you missed it. Here it is again. The gang culture of Russia has reached its peak. It is about to devolve in to Chaos. Soon the Chinese will have their pickings of whichever regions they want.". Josh Johnson: "Why do fucking morons complain about Russia bombing ISIL if you ask me those who complain are defeatist on the global war on terrorism and they deserve to be jailed that's a fact !!!". Simon Norde: "Panick stations the ruskis are taking action.. The power struggle shifts.. Fair play to Russia, maybe the yanks will stop funding and selling arms to mercinaries". Jean Marie Vianney Ngiruwonsanga: "Killing these terrorists is in the interest of every Nation, never alienate with people chopping off other people's heads on camera.". Matthew Camareno: "Its not all about you bitches!". David Henson: "ISIS fighters my ass, killing innocent people for power.". Benjamin Supnet Nadugo: "If it is true that a large number of ISIS fighters as well as militants from other extremist groups have fled Syria for Jordan then by all means cordon their suspected lairs and block all possible exits or routes and pulverized them all inside Syria once and for all!". Josh Johnson: "Before any stupid russophobic asshole starts talking out their ass listen to the interview first !!!". Muhammad Ismail: "first of no one have the authority to invade in a country but when a hungry country like usa invade then a country like russia have the right to protect their future. And fuck those isis.". Shlomi Vlitstein: "We in Israel are against the bombing from Russia against the moderate isis rebels! BACK OFF RUSSIA! Shalom". Muhammad Ismail: "russia need to creat a good relation with muslim because the next policy of america is the same as they start in the afghan war. And make russia a boogie man for muslim". Salim Jiven: "Wise American, very rare to see one.". Xenia Drobot: "Flynn, like the rest of the mouthpieces, continue to insist President Assad must go. Who the hell does he think he is making that judgement call? As President Putin said, only the Syrians can make that call. Washington, stop overthrowing governments that refuse to lick your boots and a$$.". Sam Giancana: "the mighty u.s. bombing and fighting isis for so long and you wonder why they are not winning,Its like what they done in Korea and Vietnam,prolong the war and suffering of people,". Andre Kristoffersen: "Its funny the article about US senator being afraid of funding of moderate rebels can end up in wrong hands. RT show photo of rebels or RT call them terrorists. In Ukraine the same men are rebels but Kiev call them terrorists. The funny is these terrorists are using Russian weapons. Whom are supplying whom in Syria!".
24-06-2015 13:40 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Deutsche haben wenig Vertrauen in die Medien. Fehlinformation, Einseitigkeit, schlechte Recherche – das sind laut einer Umfrage der ZEIT einige Kritikpunkte an der politischen Berichterstattung. Das Vertrauen sinkt.. Fehlinformation, Einseitigkeit, schlechte Recherche – das sind laut einer Umfrage der ZEIT einige Kritikpunkte an der politischen Berichterstattung. Das Vertrauen sinkt. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Christian Leidner, Sascha Grodotzki, Hiroaki Katsumi, Florian Pfister, Alejandro Gómez, Manuela Suess, Sdn Nina, Kerstin Weigt, Alberto Musa Farris, Kir An Freiheit, Jeso Tsa, Danielle Bernecker, Norbert Nobby Hoffmann, Kyriakos Eleftheriadis, Michael Burkhardt, Janis Schlüter, Leo Thorwart, Beat Froben Von Herzmanovski-Orlando, Markus Johns, Christina Christoforidid, Kurt Vom Dorp, Rolf Becker, Marder Felsen, Sabine Hanse, Semra Uğur. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Walther Van de Hasenheide: "Dann lieber den Aluhut aufsetzen und selbst im Internet recherchieren. Medienkompetenz? Braucht man auch nur bedingt, wenn man ja schon vorher weiß, nach welchem Ergebnis, das natürlich kongruent zur eigenen Meinung ist, man zu suchen hat.". Christian Schneider: "Das Hauptaugenmerk liegt in interessanten Storys um hohe Verkaufszahlen zu erreichen... Nicht in der wahrheitsgemäßen Berichterstattung...
09-11-2015 09:40 shares a link. Neukölln Vibes on Instagram: “Motivational squid says "better luck next time!" #neukölln is all... Hallo Montag.. “Motivational squid says "better luck next time!" #neukölln is all about that #pma! #motivationalsquid #neuköllnvibes #streetart #Berlin #igersberlin…”. 10 people like this: Timo Polterock, Gunnar Gilgen, Johanna Wirtz, Sonny Crockett, Aylin Turan, Fine Friggel, Regina Lechner, Ivo Huffer, Simone Rafael, Patrick Joswig.
30-11-2015 18:58 Misha Marks does something. Bernal_Wick_Peralta_Marks en Allende Red. Un concierto de música improvisada en el Allende Red! World Premier!! 25 pesitos! Darío Bernal-Villegas - batería Jacob Wick - trompeta Felipe Peralta - trombón Misha Marks - latarra, corno barítono. Bernal_Wick_Peralta_Marks en Allende Red. Este miércoles, en el Allende Red, en el centro, al lado del Jarritos. Premier mundial de este ensamble featuring Jacob Wick (trompeta) Darío Bernal (batería) Felipe trombón de vara) y un servidor (latarra, corno barítono). La chela está bara, el lugar acogedor. Habrá un cover modesto y accesible de 25 pesos. 9pm.
04-01-2016 00:11 RT shares a link. Mad props: Regional pilots make miraculous landings in strong UK winds (VIDEO). If you’re apprehensive about flying in propeller-powered planes, you might want to look away now. 25 people like this: Abu Bakar Wase, Slávek Jirsa, Ali Hawaz, Mirza Syafiq, Franco Vergara, Michael Bleck, Alfredo Canastuj, Tehreem Afzal, Joshua Tan Tofu, Ron V Cave, Alexis Pankerson, Chris Dimitrakopoulos, Christopher Johnson, Alexis Castro, Èxko Thè Fällèn, Wida Comel, Jean-Claude Ayache, Shivpreet Soni, كبرياء رجل, Zakariya Jaber, Martin Ngari, Andronikos Koskinas, Tom Crush, Adeel Raja, Yasir Raza. 25 people commented on this. Dale Piwek: "usual day for us here". Chris Roz: "Some of those approaches have "go around" all over it.". Dean Herzberg: "For all them living and working in the Shetlands Isle's this is nearly everyday. I've been there and done it ;-)". Tom J Samanci: "UK Pilots are very good! Unlike the Russians ones, where their bomber jets fall off the sky but blame a Turkish F-16 of fireing a missile at them!..tut tut tut o those Russians!". Glenn Yu: "RT writers are definately catching onto the popular catch phrases, ho ho ha ha ha death to amer!ca.". Lera Serbina: "Jekaterina Kirik