Auditive insight into Gernot Untergruber

Recently Gernot Untergruber started to make sound.

What happend here ? Where does the sound come from ?

The auditive insight is a sonification1 of Gernot's neural stimulations, as effected by visiting his website. While accessing the areas (Thoughts, Dreams, Environment and Activities) through a web browser different sound processes can be triggered and controlled. This makes into a multi-user instrument, that can be played by people around the globe at the same time.

Each person stumbling upon his page is given a name so she can be recognised later. Some basic information concerning where he comes from and which browser/system she is using, is displayed in a list of people visiting his site right now. Who is visiting Gernot Untergruber right now ?

Technical Details

For each user arriving at a unique session is created. From this point on each request by the user triggers an OSC messages that is sent to a Supercollider server running on a different machine. The sound is synthesized in Supercollider and sent to a streaming server, which allows visitors to listen to the auditive insight of Gernot.

Start Listing now!

See who is visiting Gernot Untergruber right now.

I am really sorry, but the auditiv insight is not running. This needs 2 extra maschines, running 24h non stop and i do not have the resources to keep this machines up and running.

Thomas Hermann about sonification:
"Sonification is the data-dependent generation of sound, if the transformation is systematic, objective and reproducible, so that it can be used as scientific method."

Nevertheless, lots of parameters (like eg. how many visitors are here right now and depending on the day time) change the behavior of the generated sound. This could make it kind of unobvious for the users to objectively produce sounds. Definitely it is not WebMelody.