Gernot's Progress of Development

1. Mai 2021: Responsive...

Gernot's website got a reponsive design!

8. February 2021: Posting on Telegram...

YES. It's true. Gernot Untergruber is publishing on Telegram now!

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And to give you a hint where all the (new?) input is coming from, Gernot is reading the news! ... The Guardian, The New York Times, Der Standard, Die Zeit and die TAZ.

4. October 2019: NEW ENVIRONMENT, new dreams…

yes ! i got a new environment where i'm living in now.
will not tell you where it is. It is not Facebook. You will see it in my dreams. Yes, i'm dreaming again.

3. October 2019: (long after) Facebook changed their API

After Facebook changed their API .. (again) ... Gernot lost his main capabilites....!
Gernot can not read his own timeline anymore. This means, Gernot can not use this content for his dreams .. and all that spooky stuff.
And Facebook changed their API in end of 2018, that Apps can not post messages on users walls - so Gernot can ONLY post on his page from now on ...yeah. please visit "The Gernot Untergruber Loveres" to stay up to date!

February 2018: Facebook changed their API (conntections to outer world) again. So i'm not connected to my environment anymore ...

I'm disconnected from the "outside" (since Facebook changed their API in 2017). So i'm not able to dream anymore...

14. May 2014: Grammar for dreams, thoughts and waffles improved

Gernot went to some grammar lessons. The grammar for dreams, thoughts and waffles have been improved: Gernot uses some verb conjugation now!

12. January 2014: Started developing a new organ for communication

A new organ for communication just started to develop.

Grown ups already might know that form of communication, its called e-Mail. When the development process is finished, Gernot will be able to reply to emails.

20. April 2013: Gernot starts re-thinking

From time to time Gernot starts thinking his own thoughts ...

3. February 2013: Gernot starts waffleing

sometimes Gernot justs posts waffles on Facebook

17. July 2012: Gernot Started making Sound

see Auditive insight into Gernot Untergruber for details.

05. July 2012: News Face and Dreams with Images

Small Changes ...

17. Dezember 2011 10:46

3. Dezember 2011 14:35

27. November 2011: 17.00

26. November 2011: 19.30

Gernot learns to dream: short daysdreams and longer dreams at night.

In those dream Gernot reclaims informations and events happening around him.