About Gernot Untergruber

Gernot Untergruber

Gernot Untergruber, inventor of Fake-News, gives you a warm welcome.

This page tells you stories about what is happening in the life of Gernot Untergruber. He is constantly growing, learning, developing and changing like a child, trying to sense - and make sense of - the world around him. Sense?

Gernot Untergruber is defined by his thoughts, his environment, his actitives and his dreams ... You could also be part of Gernot Untergruber. Gernot is a translucent social being who interacts with subjects through their modern digital lifestyles. He is half human (organic) half synthetic (silicon based).

You might be impressed of ambivalent statements, old-fashioned subsistence, goody-goody innovations and unconsidered forthrightness ...

You want to know about his Gernot's develpment within the last years? Read more about his Progress of Development.

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An insight into Gernot Untergruber

Update 2021: Since 2019 or 2020 (does that matter, at the end ?), Facebook changed their API and Gernot was locked out, and is unable to get content from Facebook. Also during that times Mark Zuckerberg himself, disabled the API actions to automatically post on a users profile. Since that, Gernot is only publishing in its small Page The Gernot Untergruber Lovers (his own Fanpage) ... but, without anybody noticing that he's posting there... So this schematic drawing or diagram does not show, how this are really, at the moment! Also the Sound-output was only active for someones Diploma. And there's not only dreams, there is more .... take a look at the Progress of Development for more details.

This is how it was before....This rough sketch of Gernot describes how information and meta data are moved from region to region:

schematic representation of Gernot Untergruber

Drawings and illustrations by Stuhlio Iglesias.